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Privacy Policy

Datawallet’s mission is to enable every organization to become compliant with the CCPA, GDPR and other privacy regulations in the easiest way possible and to empower their consumers to be in charge of their data. Datawallet Consumer First Compliance is an easy-to-install, comprehensive, and flexible platform to manage a businesses’ every data privacy compliance needs. Consumers get a clean, clear, and 21st century user experience that makes it easy for them to understand how their data is managed and make informed decisions about the usage of their data. Datawallet turns compliance into a win-win, where consumers feel safe about their data and companies achieve compliance with ease.

The problem we saw

Data privacy has become a more pressing concern for consumers and regulators are stepping up to provide consumers with the laws needed to control their data. These new data regulations worldwide are creating an opportunity for companies brave enough to give consumers what they want — transparency and control over their data. The status quo data strategy, and the tools that support it, aim to hide and “protect” data collection and usage, making consumers struggle to understand what’s going on with their data.

How we solved it

Confusion-by-design is no longer a winning game plan. Consumers and regulators are demanding transparency, and failing to give it to them will lead to a loss in consumer trust and data, as well as hefty fines. Datawallet allows organizations to employ a transparent, privacy-first approach out of the box, making compliance a win for everyone and utilize data to its full potential. Datawallet has been built to maximize opt-in rates, by providing an easy to use interface, transparency, and control. Purposely designed with a modular approach to scale and change as new privacy regulations emerge.

The company

Datawallet is headquartered in New York. Pioneers Tim Draper and Marc Benioff were among the earliest investors back in 2014. In January 2018, Datawallet raised an additional $40MM.

Since then Datawallet has built a world-class team of PhDs and graduates from Stanford, Harvard, and MIT, hired veteran Executives from industry, and—most importantly—developed the best consumer-first interface for data privacy.